Sibyl Recommender System

Find interesting TV and radio programmes

There are so many programmes to choose from these days it can be hard to decide what to watch. Personalised recommender systems can help but usually require knowledge of your previous viewing history or preferences. Unfortunately, some users may be new to our services, may not log-in or may not want their viewing history to be tracked. For these reasons we have been exploring the concept of a "standalone recommender" that does not depend on historical viewing records.

This experimental prototype from BBC R&D provides recommendations based on feedback you provide about familiar programmes using a novel drag-and-drop user interface. Try it using the latest version of any major browser.

Try the Recommender

Named Sibyl, the Greek word for a female prophet, the recommender tries to predict which programmes you're likely to watch based on programme-to-programme similarity.

Sibyl uses our open source client-side recommender engine. More technical details are provided in this blog post and this paper.

Note that the recommender model is no longer retrained at regular intervals so the programmes here are from August 2016.

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